Motu 828 USB 3.0 Audio Interface

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28 x 32 USB3 audio interface for Mac, Windows and iOS with mixing and effects

  • Manufacturer: MOTU

Motu 828 USB-3 Audio Interface

Introducing the MOTU 828 USB-3 Audio Interface: A revolutionary redesign that seamlessly integrates with Mac, PC, or iOS devices via lightning-fast 5 Gbps USB3 connectivity. Boasting ultra-low latency and high-performance drivers, this powerhouse delivers an impressive 60 channels of audio I/O. Experience unparalleled analog performance driven by the acclaimed ESS Sabre32™ DAC technology, coupled with 24-channel mixing and onboard effects processing. Revel in the richness of its features, including reverb, 4-band EQ, and compression.

Equipped with two front-panel "combo" mic/instrument inputs, the MOTU 828 offers transparent preamps with a hi-Z guitar input for re-amping. Enjoy individual control over gain, pad, and phantom power, along with dedicated send/return inserts for outboard gear. Elevate your studio experience with control room features like front-panel talkback, mute, mono, and A/B speaker select buttons.

Delve into advanced functionality with two banks of optical I/O, optical expansion mode, word clock in/out/thru, a foot switch input, and MIDI in/out/thru capabilities. Customize your workflow with front-panel metering and multi-channel monitor control for seamless surround sound production. Take command from anywhere with Wi-Fi control via your smartphone or tablet, and effortlessly manage your network with intuitive discovery and management features.

Discover a new era of audio excellence with the MOTU 828 USB-3 Audio Interface – where innovation meets performance, and creativity knows no bounds.



  • Next-gen 28 x 32 USB3 audio interface with DSP, mixing and effects
  • New 3.9-inch 24-bit RGB LCD with precision metering for all I/O
  • Superb analog audio performance driven by ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC Technology
  • Ultra-low latency and proven, high-performance MOTU drivers (~2 ms RTL with a 32 sample buffer @ 96 kHz)
  • Universal connectivity with 5 Gbps USB3 (compatible with USB2)
  • 60 simultaneous audio channels (28 inputs and 32 outputs)
  • 2x high-performance mic/line/hi-Z guitar inputs on combo XLR/TRS
  • Individual preamp gain, 48V phantom power, -20 dB pad, phase invert, remote control, and dedicated inserts for each mic input
  • Measured -114 dB THD+N, 118 dB dynamic range and -129 dBu EIN on mic inputs
  • Flexible insert returns can operate as extra line inputs (when mic inputs are unused)
  • DSP-driven 24-input digital mixer with 8 stereo busses and DSP effects (reverb, 4-band EQ, gate & compressor)
  • Wi-Fi control from CueMix 5 app on multiple mobile devices (via a USB-connected computer on the same network)
  • Network management features (discovery for multiple devices on the network and password protection for each device)
  • Precision boost for all analog inputs and trim for all analog outputs in 1 dB increments
  • Control room features include Talkback and A/B monitor select via CueMix 5 software or front panel controls
  • Two flexible headphone outputs with independent volume control and fully customizable independent mixes
  • 2x balanced XLR main outs
  • 8x balanced, DC-coupled 1/4-inch TRS analog outputs with measured 125 dB dynamic range
  • Hardware (direct) monitor mixing for each analog output pair and both headphones (8 mix busses)
  • 8x balanced 1/4-inch TRS analog inputs with measured 120 dB dynamic range
  • 2x banks of optical digital I/O (16 ADAT channels at 1x sample rates) with optional stereo TOSLink on Bank A
  • 1x RCA S/PDIF stereo digital I/O
  • MIDI in/out/thru
  • Word clock in/out/thru
  • Foot switch input for hands-free punch-in recording or other programmable host computer keystrokes
  • DC-coupled TRS outputs can be used to control modular synthesizers from a host DAW using control voltage (CV)
  • Support for 44.1 to 192 kHz sample rates
  • 1-rack U form factor built with rugged steel construction
  • USB audio class compliant for plug-and-play operation on macOS and iOS (no driver required)
  • Driver loopback for mixing host software output with live 828 inputs for streaming and podcasting
  • Guitar re-amping with near-zero loop-thru to record the dry guitar signal and mic'd amp simultaneously
  • CueMix 5 app to control mixing and settings from your Mac, PC or iOS device
  • MOTU Performer Lite and Ableton Live Lite workstation software included
  • 100+ instruments (in Performer Lite)
  • Over 6 GB of included free loops, samples and one-shots from industry leading libraries
  • Two-year warranty
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