Landgraff Custom Dynamic Overdrive USED Guitar Pedal ( Ramon Stagnaro )

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Dynamic Overdrive
Great Used Vintage Unique Guitar Pedal

Custom made vintage guitar overdrive pedal.  Made in 2002  Sold as is no power supply 


Original 2002 John Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal #177 Made for Blues Angel Music.

The late, great builder was a legend in the boutique pedals and amps world and his products were highly sought after for their unmatched tonal characteristics and build quality.

Hand painted by renowned pedal box painter, Arlon Prince!


Manufacturer Description:


The legendary John Landgraff "Dynamic Overdrive" has been one of the most revered "boutique" guitar pedals ever built. John has been personally hand building each and every one of his pedals since 1999. Fourteen years later, he is still building every pedal himself, building hand wired, point to point, socketed circuit boards, that permit him to voice each and every pedal, resulting in a consistancy of performance unachievable by most other "boutique" builders using printed circuit boards.


The 3 way clipping option switch provides 3 uniquely different overdrive/distortion qualities....Position 1 (down) the most thickly distorted and highly compressed ; Position 2 (middle) very wide band width, 'boosted" overdrive; Position 3 (up) is a very crunchy "Marshally' gain structure.

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