BAE 1073MP Dual Pre Amplifier USED (Ramon Stagnaro)

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One of the most popular pre amps USED in excellent condition

The BAE 1073MP is a rack-mountable preamp and high-pass filter based on the legendary Neve 1073 equalizer. With classic Carnhill transformers a hand-wired Class A design, the BAE 1073MP captures the unmistakable sound of the original Neve 1073. Ideal for tracking engineers who are looking for classic tone at an affordable price, or mixing engineers who want to add depth to their mixes without breaking the bank, the BAE 1073MP delivers vintage tone


  • All Class A, transformer-coupled design in a 19" 1U chassis
  • Line level XLR inputs for extra versatility as a line preamp
  • High impedance DI for guitar and synth
  • The same Class A components as the 1073 and 1084
  • Illuminated phase reverse and phantom power push-buttons
  • Input impedance selector switch between 1200 and 300 ohms
  • Same modular design and hand-wiring BAE is known for
  • Regulated linear power supply will run up to four channels
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